Bí quyết tạo sức hút cá nhân

1# Move out of comfort zone

What is comfort zone?

If You’re Not Outside Your Comfort Zone, You Won’t Learn Anything

How Your Comfort Zone Is Sabotaging Your Success

2# We are friends
Power of Touching
Touching make close, friendly.

3# Take 100% responsible for yourself
Don’t blame
Don’t make excuse

4# The eyes known speak
Look at the other’s eye when communication

5# Ultimate Power of Stopping Point when speaking

– Stopping before strongly hightlighting point

6# The art of sense of humor when speaking

– Make incrediably surprising result
– Exaggerate The Matter
– Using the body language.

7# Speaking Slowly
Speaking Slowly expess confidence

8# Speaking how are attractive.

Power of body language 55%
Words 7%
Vocal, tone 38%

9# Smiling
10# Confidence
Believe in myself